Hit-and-Run in Huntersville

Sunday February 24, 2013.

Huntersville police caught Gregory Beaty in less than an hour after hitting a cyclist and illegally leaving the scene.  The crime occurred at 2:30 p.m on Sunday on Highway 73 near Hubbard Road.



The cyclist has obvious injuries including broken bones.  Beaty has previous DWIs including one last August.

2 Responses to “Hit-and-Run in Huntersville”

  1. Thesekidsaremorons Says:

    This guy is a complete idiot one of his friends murdered my friend Andrew jay guilfoyle. They are a big bunch of rich losers who mooch off their parents and act like thy were raised in the hood. Glad to hear he got five years because Christopher Pham who shot my friend in the head only got a very lite sentence and bought off the char meal legal system. Glad to hear the cyclist was alive to see this through. my prayors go out to his family and lets make sure we keep trash like this guy Greg off our streets

  2. Wow I wonder if that above comment is real…. glad the cyclist is ok.

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