Bill Doherty, Get Well Soon!

Bill Doherty was involved in a high-speed bicycle-box truck collision.   He is in the hospital.  The accident occurred on Rocky River Road in Davidson.  This info comes from Bob D.  See his comments below for the details.

17 Responses to “Bill Doherty, Get Well Soon!”

  1. Bill was riding along the Lake Norman Tri course and was cut off by a driver in a box truck. He was drug 50 to 75 feet before the truck stopped. Bill passed out, when he awoke the truck was on top of his pelvic area and lower back and he had to tell the driver to back off of him. He was transported to CMC last night. More to follow.

  2. Here is an update from my friend that was on the scene shortly afterwards. His name is Andrew.


    I was on the scene shortly after the accident, so I didn’t see the accident but I did see the aftermath and know all the details for what happened.

    This is how it was described to me by the witness. Billy was keeping pace with traffic at the time, so he was probably doing 30+ mph. His Garmin showed the last recording at 28.7, but that was as he was being pulled under the truck. The truck drive partially passed Billy and then swung into the road with no indication etc, that is about 200 yards before the creek on Rocky River road just outside of River Run. Bill left a black tire mark about 5 yards before impact, so that alone shows how close he was. He was dragged for about 40-70 yds under the truck, and while under the truck he was grabbing onto anything for dear life, including the drive shaft. The driver only stopped because the witness was making him stop by his horn I think. The driver of the truck was about to reverse over Billy’s head, and the witness stepped in again and stopped that. So the real hero for this is the witness. His name is Don ***** from Michael Waltrip racing. Very humble man who has contacted me numerous times since last night to see how Billy is. Billy lost consciousness for about 1-3 minutes under the truck I believe as well.

    The main premise in all this is driver didn’t even clear Billy when he turned.

    Billy was just being extracted when I arrived, and I had Benji Jones, the Setup Events race director with me in the car. He was able to provide everything to the police and medics about Billy including Medical history, as he had all that on his laptop from race registrations, so just another blessing. I called Wendy and got her in the right direction and called my friend Bob Davis to meet Billy at the CMC ER so he has a familiar face while Wendy made her way down.

    His right knee and left ankle are ground to the bone, and Kelly is right, Billy doesn’t know the extent of his injuries yet. He thinks he is going to bounce right up, but the two wounds will probably require multiple skin grafts, and the possibility of infection is the greatest concern. My other concern is where the tires ran over his quads and hip. The muscles alone will take weeks if not longer to heal. So he will need us. He also has two cracked ribs and a fractured vertebrae (The little bit on the side that doesn’t do much but is oh so painful).”

  3. Bob or Chalrotte Velo –

    The Mills Levine Law Firm is a major sponsor for our team, Giordana-Clif Bar, and Michael Levine has asked me to pass his info on to Bill. Could one of you please facilitate that?

    Michael Levine
    Or cell

  4. Jodi, I will pass along, thanks in advance.

  5. Also as a FYI the conditions were sunny and no overcast at the time in the area with high visiability.

  6. I shot a note to Michael Waltrip and Ty Norris at MWR about Don. The guy is a hero. I hope Michael Levine has a field day.

  7. Greg Morgan Says:

    Bill, get well soon. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Wendy and the kids.

    From all of your family in PA.

  8. Florinda-Your fav sister in law Says:

    Bill- Strong, Determined, Focused: Thats my brother-in-law…

    You’ll be back bikin before you know it! I know u will! Considerthis a “speedbump” (no pun intended) in your journey to becoming the Iron Man. I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am that this was not the ultimate tradgedy for our family…you are awesome and we love you!!!

    Feel better, keep your spirits up and don’t let the ADD side of you drive you crazy…we are thinking of you constantly…

  9. I’m working on a story for this week’s Lake Norman Citizen on the accident. I’d really like to talk with the witness. Do any of you have his contact info? Also, I’d love to get some comments from riders about how impractical it would be to get in big mileage anywhere other than on the road.

    Here’s another thought: I grew up in Ohio, where the Amish poke along on busy roads with their horse and buggies — seldom with any problems, or complaints. They actually move more slowly than most bikes, and are more prevalent. I’ve also heard no complaints here about people on scooters.

    Thanks, all!


  10. John,

    I am cyclist that lives in North Meck. and have put many cycling miles on N. Meck. and Southern Iredell roads. And FYI, I ride single-line, use hand signals, and do not run red lights. I enjoy riding those roads because for most part they are cycle-friendly. 90-95% of drivers are respective of cyclists. Unfortunately, cyclists have to deal with the other 10-5%. And when local media becomes the voice of anti-cycling, it gives cycle-haters false justification to continue their harmful driving.

    Yes, you raise a good question about how impractical it is to put in miles without riding the roads. But once again, cyclists are asked to defend themselves when they have the legal right to do so in the first place.

    But I’m not surprised that the Lake Norman Citizen is requiring cyclists to defend their rights. A couple of weeks after your assistant editor writes an editorial that all cyclists should be taken off the road, your paper runs a front page article about the ‘courage’ of a woman with 4 DWI’s and that fact that she has to ride 20 miles of public transportation because she can’t drive legally until 2019. Cyclists are dangerous but reformed drunk drivers are courageous?

    Good luck with this story. Unfortunately, I will not be reading it.

    But more importantly, I will look forward to seeing a ‘courageous’ Bill cycling again soon.


  11. I guess I’m guilty of believing that readers understand the way newspapers work, including that an op-ed piece like Lori’s cycling column is the opinion of the author, and is in no way intended to reflect the opinion of the paper itself. In fact, we go to great lengths to avoid any trace of bias in our reporting. The Final Thoughts column is the one place where our staff members may express their own point of view. I thought Lori’s column was skillfully done, and I told her so. She also knows that I disagreed with much of it. However, that doesn’t diminish my professional respect and personal regard for Lori, both of which are profound.

    The irony is that I can relate to the plight of road cyclists more than you know. I’m a runner who has traversed many of those same roads. I might even have waved at you on Huntersville-Concord, Hiwassee, Ramah Church or other country road. Had you bothered to keep your feet in the clips rather than let your knees jerk at the mention of the name “Citizen,” you might have known that — and that no one would have done a better job with this story, even your heroes over at the Herald.

    Finally, it is beyond unfair to inject Terri Shumaker into this discussion. In fact, I’m mystified both by the comparison and by the notion that I portrayed her as a hero. I simply told her story, which actually was not simple at all. I will assure you of one thing: she doesn’t — nor will she ever — consider herself a hero. I, however, do find Terri Shumaker courageous, not for being a “reformed drunk,” but for having the guts to publicly confess her shortcomings so she can be tarred and feathered by all the perfect people for whom grace is unnecessary.

    To you, Bill, I sincerely apologize for the unfortunate detour on what is supposed to your message board. I pray for your healing, comfort and successful return to doing what you love.


  12. John thanks for the apology at the end. Quite frankly I do not believe that anything on this board should be about anything other than Bill. If you guys have issues, contact each other. John you know where the Witness works via the previous postings on here. More than likely you can contact him there. Feel free and reach out to me if you need anything.

    Please let’s keep the focus on Billy and what he is/will be going through.

    Thank you.

  13. Bob and to all my fellow cyclists,

    Sorry for my post. I contacted and apologized to John personally yesterday morning. I vented my frustration in the wrong place. As I told John, we need more constructive conservations between cyclists and non/cyclists.

    And yes, Bill’s recovery is the most important thing. I am sending my wishes for his full recovery. I hope to hear about the wonderful progress he will making in the future.

    Bill, you have many people behind you and your recovery.


  14. jack sharpe Says:

    Hey Billy,

    Sorry to hear about your misfurtune. If there is anything that I can do please let me know.

    Good luck and wish you a fast recovery.

    Your friend,


  15. Billy Doherty Says:

    Hi everyone,

    Thank you so much for your support and prayers. I am home now, went back to work part time last week and healing slowly. My left side from my hip down is still a mess. The road rash will take a while to heal. My left ankle has a skin flap and a skin graft (which somewhere during the healing process has come off). The hope is the skin will grow over the ankle. Next week I go back to the plastic surgeon where they will determine if another skin graft is necessary. God I hope not.

    I have been going to out patient physical therapy and slowly regaining mobility in my ankle. I cannot wait to train again! I want to compete again in IM more than ever now and for different reasons. Training is a gift. Embrace it and enjoy it.

    Thank you again for all the prayers!!! BTW: I’m looking for a 58″ tri bike. Preferably a Cervelo. I think the FELT B12 may have been bad luck!!

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