Adam Little

March 17, 2010.  Bicycle racer Adam Little, 34, of Mount Pleasant, was killed by a driver while commuting.  The accident happened on NC HWY 49 N in Concord at 7:30 am, it was daylight, clear and dry.  The driver has been caught and is now charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle, child restraint violation and failure to notify NCDMV of an address change.   The report narrative from Officer HUBBARD of Concord police department, states: THE DRIVER OF VEHICLE 1 SIDE-SWIPED VEHICLE 2, WHEN A VEHICLE IN FRONT OF VEHICLE1 MOVED OVER TO PASS VEHICLE 2.  The contributing circumstances for the driver are documented as “Failure to Reduce Speed” and “Inattention”.

Adam is survived by his wife and two children.   Adam’s family and friends have my most sincere condolences.

Thanks to TL.  Map location is approximate.  I’ll update it when the police investigation is complete.

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  1. Hello,
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  2. Bill Wiseman Says:

    Adam was a fantastic father, individual and cyclists. This is a very sad day for everyone that knew Adam. Adam was one of those individuals that could make things happen both in his personal and cycling life. Adam was always so positive and cared about everyone and had such a passion for cycling. I’ll pray that God helps Adam’s wife, children and family get through this horrible time. I believe that the cycling community owes Adam much gratitude and we should come together to support his family. It time that the cyclists of the Carolinas step forward for one of our own; a such a great and positive person!

  3. What heartbreaking news. I am so sorry for Adam’s family and others who knew and loved him. Jeff, I hope your story will bring attention to the consequences of careless driving and help prevent future tragedies.

  4. Jim Burrell Says:

    My heart bleeds for the family and friends of Adam Little. He was a friend of myself and my family. My kids and I have ridden with him many times through the years. Adam was a great guy who was a great encouragement to my kids. He loved young people and was greatly loved by my kids. Thank you Adam for the positive, loving friend you have been to many. God bless and comfort his family. He’ll be greatly missed. What a great loss for this community…

  5. Eric Hagerty Says:

    Godspeed Adam……My prayers are with you and your family.

  6. I didn’t know Adam, but no matter. He was one of us…no different than any of us. A man, a father, a husband and a cyclist. There but for the grace of God go I.
    RIP Adam…the roads in Heaven are all freshly paved, false flat down and the wind is at your back!

    As an aside, have whoever is investigating this CRIME check the driver’s mobile phone records. She was driving with an unrestrained child…what’s the bet that she was yapping on the phone or texting when she murdered Adam?

  7. Kevin Scruggs Says:

    My heart goes out to this family. He was one of us and this should never happen. God Bless you Adam…

  8. Such a terrible loss. Adam was an extrordinary person with the best disposition. Always happy and always talking of his family. My heart goes out for the family that he so loved and his extended cycling family as well. Our thoughts and prayers are with them all. Please advise if there is any way that I or the members of the Rocky River Road Club can be of assistance in this time of sorrow.

  9. Tim Sigmon (Team Pfeiffer) Says:

    My heartfelt condolences go out to Adams family and to his teammates of Fisher-Subarr. I had many opportunities to ride and train with Adam and it was a true pleasure to know him. Im truly sadden beyond words. Myself and all of the Pfeiffer Cycling Team are thinking of Adams family and also those teammates close to him. God Bless; God speed…put it in the big ring and cruise to the finish line in Heaven, Adam.

  10. I still can’t believe this can be true.

    So many times as I was getting dropped off the back of the pack cresting a hill someone’s hand would give me a boost over the top and get me back in the pack and it was Adam. I always hoped someday I’d be strong enough to return the favor.

  11. Desmarae Hayes Says:

    I did not know Adam as a cyclist, but as a teacher. He was my cooperating teacher during my student teaching at Mt. Pleasant High School in the fall of 2002. He was truly an inspiration to me and help mold me into the teacher that I am today. My thoughts are definitely with his wife and children during this unthinkable time. He was such a giving person and he will be missed terribly.

  12. Chuck Ambrose [Team Pfeiffer] Says:

    The entire Pfeiffer community lifts up Melissa, Adam’s girls, and his extended family in our thoughts and prayers. Adam brought people together in friendship and competition – cycling may have been the means but Adam’s smile, sense of humor, and memories that we will always share becomes the ends! He loved his family, friends, and creator – he had it right! God bless you Adam!

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  14. Kerry Humphrey Says:

    I never knew Adam as a friend, but as a fellow racer and a great competitor and someone passionate about cycling. I can tell by what I am reading that he was an even better friend, husband, father, teacher and person. We’ll never know why Adam’s journey in life was stopped, but I am sure he will continue touching lives and loving others. My prayers are only an offering to his wife, his children, his family, friends, colleagues, and teammates. We’ll miss you Adam! God bless!

  15. Christina DeKraay Says:

    It is so hard to express the range of emotions I felt when I heard the news of Adam’s death. I can only imagine the intensity of all the those feelings felt by Adam’s wife and his close friends. I am so sorry. He was such a wonderful person with always a warm smile whenever I saw him, anytime, any conditions, any day.. We will all miss you Adam. My sincere condolences to Melissa, the girls, his fellow team mates and all his close friends..

  16. Desmarae Hayes Says:

    Does anyone know what the funeral arrangements are?

  17. I never knew Adam personally. But as a fellow cyclist and commuter I feel a connection to him. My heart goes out to his wife and children. It pains me thinking of what they must be going through. May God comfort and bring peace to the whole family. You all will be in my prayers.

  18. Shannon Carney Says:

    It is with such sorrow Dave and I read this note. Truly our heart and prayers go out to Adam’s family.

  19. Wyatt Briggs Says:

    R.I.P Adam Little, you were a bless to the cycling community and real world. Huntersville, Orr road, and even the the local races wont be the same without you. You were a great guy, great rider/racer, and I am in shock this horrbile thing would happen to a wonderful man. And your family will be in our thoughts and prayers. R.I.P Adam. . .

  20. […] By all accounts, he was a kind hearted person who will be greatly missed.  See comments at:  Our thoughts are with Adam, his family and loved ones. Posted by anngroninger on March 18, […]

  21. At times like this, it’s difficult to find the words to properly express our emotions. Adam was a first-class guy in every way, and he will be dearly missed by us all. I want to express my condolences to the Little family and the entire cycling community. If you knew Adam, you will undoubtedly think of him with a smile on your face, as I will. We will remember how he touched our lives.

  22. Gordon Stiel Says:

    Like everyone else in the greater Charlotte-area and beyond I am struggling to come to grips with the devestating news from yesterday! Having only recently gotten to know Adam closer (during cycling trips to Kentucky), I can truly say that he is an outstanding human being . His positive attitude and demeanor were infectious. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. Adam, you made a difference and will be truly missed!

  23. Becky Daquila Says:

    Words can not express how we feel about losing such a wonderful person, friend and cyclist. Adam always gave you that extra push that you needed to get over that hard climb! His smile, energy and love for riding was what we all need! My thoughts and prayers go out to Melissa and the girls! May you rest in peace and ride to the finish line in Heaven. We lost a very dear friend, but Heaven gained a very special Angel in Heaven. Will miss you Adam!

    Funeral arrangements:
    Visitation: Hartsell Funeral Home in Concord on Saturday from 11:30-1:30.

    A memorial service will be held at Hartsell Funeral Home Chapel on Saturday at 2:00 with Rev. Mike Farley officiating.

  24. Ben Abney Says:

    Remembering you Adam; your life made a positive impact on others…my prayers are with your family.

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  26. Ken Gilbert Says:

    I’m sorry to read this. God bless your family Adam.

  27. What a tragic loss of an amazing human being. My heart is still heavy with sadness. I thought about Adam all during my own bike ride in darkness this morning.

    I hope and pray that this becomes another turning point in the quest to make drivers pay more attention and to see us cyclists not as “spandex wearing clowns” but as precious husbands/wives, fathers/mothers, and friends.

    God Bless Adam and his family. RIP.

  28. My condolences to all his close friends, teammates and family members. We’re going to miss him too in Belize. I didn’t know him personally but I know he raced here with us last year and we were looking forward to having him again this year in our up coming Holy Saturday Classic. He’ll be sadly missed by all his friends in Belize, I am sure.

  29. Andrew Israel Says:

    I did not need to know Adam to know him.

    God bless Adam’s friends and family

  30. While Living only 20miles from the site of the accident and having a similar family situation (wife and two kids) I am deeply saddened by Adam’s death. I will keep him and his family in my thoughts and prayers when I ride and hope his family remains safe and healthy. As a fellow cyclist and in light of recent (and past) events and negative commentary (i.e. Tony Kornheiser) it seems apparent that we must advocate more loudly the need for motorists to “share the road” and I will figure some way to start my own effort and recommend each of us find a way to advocate for road safety.

  31. This was NOT a hit and run accident…only one channel, NBC, in the charlotte area got this wrong and satated it was a hit and run, and they were wrong. Stacy stayed with the bicyclist from the time of the accident until after officers and paramedics came and investigated…it is SUCH a sad story for the little family and my heart goes out to them…but stacy is a human being to and did not see him. this could have happened to any one of us…every person on this planet has the potential to become distracted while driving at some point. the child restaint violation was due to the fact that her son was in a NO-back booster, when he should have been in a HIGH back booster…the media is making her out to be a criminal and THAT is criminal. she is DEVASTATED that this has happened…when you are behind someone in traffic and the car in front of you moves over quickly, it is hard to know WHY they are moving over…please stop treating her like she did this because she was a bad person…she is NOT a bad person…and her whole family is DEVASTATED…again…my heart goes out to the little family…it is such a horrible thing to have happen…but it could have happened to anyone… ANYONE…it is so sad that every piece of info about this tragic ACCIDENT paints the picture almost as if it were intentional…and portraying stacy as this horrible person when she is NOT…please have some compassion for her family as she is in mourning too. Trying to accept that she took another person’s life is DEVASTATING for her.

  32. Matt Goelzer Says:

    I got to meet Adam at ORAMM. We raced, ate spaghetti and BS’d about our race. He was an awesome competitor. I was deeply saddened & cried when I heard about the accident. It hit really close to home for me. Also, it bought back painfully and emotional memories for me because of a similar experience I had when I was hit by a motorists. I am truly sorry for Adam’s family, teammates, Charlotte’s cycling family and Stacey. It is a tragic accident for everybody involved and impacted. Godspeed, Adam! My thoughts and prayers are with all involved. It seems so unfair. So unfair and painful for everyone. God Bless All.

  33. April Teng Says:

    I personally don’t know Adam, but have met his wife Melissa a few times at work. My heart goes out to everyone who is affected by this event, may you find peace in this hard time.

  34. I’ve seen this happen so many times. Three cyclists hit by young woman who blamed the sun and was later found to be texting (Bike Ride Across GA last summer). Inattention? The police owe it to Adam’s family to check out the driver’s cell phone at the time of the crash! And everyone let’s take the Oprah cell phone no tolerance pledge online or in your hearts!

  35. Dean Hesterberg Says:

    I did not know Adam personally, but as a fellow cyclist, I had seen and greeted him at bicycle races. Adam obviously had a positive impact on the lives of people who were close to him. I was truly saddened to learn of his untimely death. My heart goes out to his family and I wish them strength.

  36. […] next day with Lance Armstrong, and his former apology. All of this coming a day after the death of Adam Little So as you can imagine, shit got crazy in the biking […]

  37. Mark Ortiz Says:

    I’m still trying to figure out why cars had to move over for Adam, if he was on the shoulder. That doesn’t make sense. Did this happen at an off-ramp? Was he actually not on the shoulder?

    I ride on 49 a lot, usually on the shoulder except where there are off-ramps or on-ramps. I ride fairly near the fog line, so as to have clean pavement. Cars do often move over a bit to give me extra room, but they don’t hit me if they don’t move over.

    We need a coherent explanation of this.

  38. Mark Ortiz Says:

    I didn’t know Adam, but I went to the visitation.

    To say it was well attended would be an understatement. I got there at 11:45. It took me until about 1:20 to get through the line. When I left, around 1:30, the line was longer than when I arrived.

    Interestingly, cyclists didn’t seem to be much in evidence. There were a couple of cars in the parking lot with bikes on racks, but I think I was the only person who actually rode there. Adam’s teammates were there, and Chris and Lori Harkey. But most of the people apparently knew Adam from his other activities in the community.

  39. Mark Ortiz Says:

    Does anybody here know of any effort to set up a ghost bike for Adam?

    For those unfamiliar with ghost bikes, a ghost bike is a roadside memorial to a fallen cyclist, consisting of an old bike spray-painted white, anchored and propped up beside the road at the scene of the crash. As with other roadside memorials, people often leave flowers and whatnot.

    I’d say Adam deserves one, assuming of course that his family has no objection.

  40. I cannot bring myself to ask Stacy to clarify what she meant when she said the car in front of her moved over so they would not hit Adam, and her not being able to react accordingly in time, and for that, I am sorry. She side-swiped him, so as best I can guess, they must have both been too close to the fog line. This is such a sad situation and my heart goes out to the Little family for the loss of such a wonderful husband and father. There steadfast faith God has been evident throughout this tragic event and I am sure that knowing Adam is in heaven with their infant son has brought them comfort. It is amazing to me that in their time of grief, they have shown compassion to Stacy and I cannot begin to understand how much that must mean to her.

  41. this is in response to Amy – the driver who killed Adam did leave the scene – she did not get out of her car and stay with Adam. She was found 300 yards at least down the road in her car by the police – she did not stay with Adam. If the car in front of her moved over as required by law for courtesy and she saw it move over – she had plenty of time to move over herself. She was obviously distracted and if she had been paying attention to her driving this would never had happened. As far as the child restrain violation not being a violation – if the child was in the wrong seat it was a violation. As far as I am concerned she is a horrible person – she will get to see her children grow up – while Adam’s wife and children no longer have him.

    By the way her photo was a mug shot courtsey of the Charlotte Police Department from 2009. What was this arrest for? Has she been distracted before while driving? If so she should have being extra careful.

  42. In response to Millie. Her boyfriend stayed with Adam the whole time…from the time of the wreck until the paramedics arrived. Period. She is 24 years old and has been doing very well for the year that I have known her as a parent at my preschool. She loves her kids, which is why she was devastated buy the accident, knowing that she took this wonderful man away from his family. I see that you are the type of person who does no wrong and has no compassion for those who are not as perfect as yourself. I am just thankful that the Little family HAS shown compassion to her, when they are the LAST people she would have ever expected to receive it from. They have truly shown Jesus to her and her family, which means so much more to her than those casting judgement so easily. I hope, should you ever be in a situation where you have done something accidentally to hurt someone, that someone shows the same compassion for you as the Little family has shown to Stacy. And as for this going back and forth, I am uncomfortable with it. I know Stacy’s heart and I have seen how devastated she is, still. Period. If we are to be followers of Christ, then compassion is in order. It is obvious this is the way the Little family lives theirs, and although I don’t know them personally, I have heard of their strong faith, and am sure they would much rather people show compassion than hurl stones. This is a tragic event for everyone involved. Nobody is perfect, no, not one. Please have compassion…you may need it yourself, one day.

  43. I have known Stacy her entire life and this is a young mother that cries if she even hurts someones feelings, she has compassion and empathy for the family that lost Mr. Little. Stacy knows how much pain and suffering the Little family is going through and she still cries for the human being that was taken from his family. In all my life I have never met a perfect person…she takes full responsibility for the accident and at no time tried to cast blame on anyone but herself…Again – to the perfect person out there it must be nice to be so lucky that you have never had to live with something so horrible…I ask that for one brief moment put yourself in her place and try to imagine living with the knowledge that you took someones life. The Little family knows that it was a horrible accident and they have been the first to acknowledge that it was purely accidental. God bless the Little family and God bless you also Stacy…

  44. Mark Ortiz Says:

    I finally got around to looking at the accident report on the Concord PD site. Here’s a link:

    According to the report, this was not a side-swipe, as most of us would use the term. The car hit Adam with its right front portion, but squarely. He was not knocked to the side, but up onto the hood, and then into the air, after breaking the windshield, and then flew down the road and off into the grass.

    The report lists the location as being the on-ramp from 601 onto 49. There is no diagram. The report says this will be forthcoming when the investigation is complete. The report is dated the day of the crash, 3/17/2010. It has not been updated since.

    The report does not say Adam was on the shoulder. It says he was in the outer travel lane. If this happened at an on-ramp, he couldn’t very well have been on the shoulder. Technically, under NC law, he was required to be in the through lane if the on-ramp was alongside.

    This may in fact have been an attempted hit-and-run. That would explain why the car was 300 feet down the road. Why still at the scene at all? The car sustained so much damage it was not driveable. It had to be towed. Damage to the car is listed at $3,000.

  45. Mark Ortiz Says:

    Regarding the car being 300 feet down the road, and implications of that: after considering the physics for a while, I have concluded that although 300 feet might sound like an inordinately large distance, it is actually reasonable for reaction distance plus a gentle stop from 55mph, which is the car speed at impact per the police report.

    Therefore, the location of the car does not imply or suggest an unsuccessful attempt to flee.

  46. KiminAZ Says:

    I am so saddened to hear of yet another senseless death. These “accidents” are not accidents! They could be prevented if drivers would just pay attention.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Adam and his family and friends.

    My husband was also hit and killed by a driver (who was sleep driving on Ambien!)

    widow and mother of 2 in Arizona



  48. Mark Ortiz Says:

    I talked today with Lori Harkey. She told me Stacy went to trial a couple of weeks ago. It came to light that she got a speeding ticket shortly before hitting Adam, and another shortly after, and one for driving with revoked/suspended license.

    According to Lori, Stacy got 18 months probation, and was told that if she violated that, she’d do 45 days in jail.

    I have tried to find confirmation and further information on the case on-line, and come up dry. The Independent Tribune carried nothing about this trial.

  49. Mark Ortiz Says:

    On Memorial Day, I went and visited the raodside memorial for Adam, which I am told is placed where he came to rest. It’s about 200 feet past the end of the on ramp. This means he did have a shoulder available to him at the time of impact, and chose not to use it.

    This is legal in North Carolina, and some contend that it’s preferable, because it makes you more conspicuous. In any case, this lays to rest the question of whether he was in the travel lane by choice or by necessity.

    I went to Cabarrus County Court Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2010, to see what would happen in the case of Daniel Burton Wilson II, who head-oned the training ride on St. Stephens Cherch Rd. in Cabarrus County.

    One surprise Tuesday was that Stacy Renee Shaw, who hit Adam Little, was back in court that day, on a charge of misdemeanor larceny. She entered a plea of guilty and asked for a court-appointed attorney. Her next appearance will be Nov. 2.

    She was told when she got probation for hitting Adam that if she violated probation, she’d get 45 days in jail. She is still at large at this writing, because she has only been charged, not convicted. However, her guilty plea makes it fairly certain that she will be convicted, and have to do some jail time.

  50. […] more details at […]

  51. […] The above is from Charlotte Velo’s website. […]

  52. Mark Ortiz Says:

    I checked with the Cabarrus Clerk of Court’s office this past week for an update on Stacy Renee Shaw, and also Daniel Burton Wilson, who head-oned six cyclists. I was told that Wilson was arraigned last summer, but his case is still pending: he still has not come to trial.

    On the larceny charge, Stacy got community service and an order to pay restitution. I was told this was a theft of cash. She had done the community service but still had not paid the restitution.

    The lady at the Clerk’s office also said Stacy got caught driving again, on suspended/revoked license. She didn’t have further specifics on that at her fingertips, but said that combined with the larceny conviction did cause Stacy’s probation to be revoked. However, Stacy has still not been jailed, as she is appealing the probation revocation, and the appeal is still pending.

  53. Mark Ortiz Says:

    A non-profit foundation called the Adam Little Foundation has been set up by Deb Thompson of Raleigh. It’s just getting started, but it has a website up at

    Focus will be to advocate for better laws and to produce and air PSA’s on TV to further public education on cyclists’ rights and rules of the road.

  54. I was very saddened to read about this story after seeing a post on Facebook; one of my friends posted the billboard that is up in N.C. I live in Norman, OK. I was struck in May of 2009 which effectively ended my cycling/multisport/running careers. I am, however, very fortunate to be alive. Again, I am so very sorry that Adam’s family and friends are having to deal with his loss—so very very sorry.

  55. This is in response to Amy – the boyfriend according to witnesses did not stay with Adam. The only people to stay with Adam until paramedics arrived were witnesses to the accident. She and her boyfriend were well down the road when police and paramedics arrived and never asked about Adam or his condition. She was distracted and did have a child seat violation – this cannot be denied – she does need to be more careful especially with her past history. I am a member of Adams family and while I have forgiven her – and pray for her every night, I still feel she did a horrible thing and she will get to see her children grow up , while we no longer have Adam. That is a fact that cannot be changed. I hope she learns something from this event in her life and it changes her for the better.

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